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90% of skincare products may harm more than doing good

90% of skincare products may harm more than doing good


The skincare world is a mammoth space in itself with some known galaxies and a hefty amount of unknown ones. 20% of the total people using skincare products have zero knowledge of its preparation, working, and effects. 40% of the people know what's harmful but not of what they are using for themselves. 30% trust the tag added on their skincare product 'Natural'. It's only the 10% of the total consumers who go deep in, to reach the true root of concern. There's a reason why the murky scenario of the skincare product you currently use is not in the frame, and here it's why.

The basic question related to the product is, what's playing bad with the product?

It's quite simple; there are two reasons behind the mess- Perilous bits within the composition and untaught ammunition.

Beginning with the COMPOSITION!


Composition is the paramount factor why a particular product that may seem apt (because of its presentation) is not so. Misconception starts to unfold out with assumptions or misinterpretation regarding the product composition. The compounds averred dominant are surpass by 70% of what the researchers warn to keep apart. The ones that affect the most are those marked ‘EXCIPIENTS’ (preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, humectants, fragrances, etc.).

Every ingredient in a product plays a specific role every time it comes in contact with the skin which may or may not be sufficient. The very first skin reaction occurs in terms of eruption, which can be either irritant contact eruption or allergy contact eruption. One mark burns and blisters, while the other adds space to itching and hives. And if jinxed; a combination of both.

Yeah! EXCIPIENTS OFTEN TURNS TRAGIC with zero attention!


Digging a little deep!




Maybe your skin is susceptible to any ingredient; but what if it's NOT?

It's all about the ORIGIN; Origin of the ingredients.

After all, you can't blame a felony for its empty cup of care.


Apart from the effectual or the active ingredients, there are several other compounds as fragrances, preservatives, and thickeners that contain debasements. Even the 'Fragrance-Free' products use compounds like Benzene derivatives, Aldehydes, and Phthalates to draw a veil over chemical odors and those 'Without-Chemicals' use Parabens, Quaterium-15, and Phenoxyethanol as preservatives. Such compounds usually end up with dermatitis, discoloration, texture alteration, or seizing the skin with permanent damage.

It's insane to imagine a bright morning sky after a night full of smoke!


Reason-2 grounds upon ignoring the facts from the first one.

Though not the prime but the more chancy reason behind your skincare's successful doping is YOU; who did not stipulate the roots of the product you're using, by not scrutinizing the formulation, its ingredients, its origin, and above all the side results kept hidden behind the loud divulged happy (maybe improbable) results.

Isn't it like a reward?

As if started to knock out acne and rewarded with skin lines and peeling.

Your skincare products are working on the same as the hilt.

Still, they care?

So basically, before you append a product to your skincare routine, it's essential to read your skin, analyze what it accepts and what it doesn't. Watch out for everything basic to all what's most adorned. Skincare is not just a part but a complete process in itself and your skin isn't an organization to welcome every interviewee to test their abilities on.

Research proved that a composition that follows Clean Beauty guidelines thoroughly is worthy of trust. SkinSigns is a level-headed concern based on clean beauty precepts. It uses Phytochemicals as Active ingredients with suitable Bioactive ingredients to formulate products that claim nothing but sterling skin health. Its 'No-Synthetics' rule helps it flaunt the tag - It's effective because it's clean.

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